H1 Switch Review

With the sale of the H1 switches coming up soon, I thought it was time I released my full thoughts on these switches. I've been using them for several weeks now, and I have a few thoughts. These are my honest, unfiltered thoughts on the switch, and although I'm close friends with the creator, that doesn't impact this review. I'm going to cover two key elements in this writeup:  sound and feel. 


I've always been a fan of the way the H1 switches sound. I lubed my switches with Christo Lube MCG 129 (go ping Krelbit to restock 205g0), and at first, they sounded very deep pitched. Over time, as the lube spread throughout the switch and the switch itself started to break in, I noticed that the sound started to get more high pitched, especially on the upstroke.

The switch didn't seem ping-y at all; in fact, I thought the springs performed quite well. In my experience, higher weight springs tend to be harder to get right, and I think HHHH did a good job with these. 

This led me to desoldering one of the switches from my board, to see what the issue exactly was. What I found slightly surprised me; the stem was starting to wobble around in the housing. This may not be a surprise to many of you, and probably won't impact most of you. What surprised me was that when I compared this broken in switch to a brand new, stock switch, it had significantly more wobble. When I put a switch film into the broken-in switch, it performed much better, with less wobble and a deeper pitched sound. 

Again, this won't impact most of you. Most people film JWK switches simply because they are JWK switches, but for those of you who don't, I highly recommend you films these.


The H1 switches have been, and still are extremely smooth. In my opinion, they are one of the smoothest stock switches on the market. Once lubed, all linears practically feel the same, but the H1s stand out with a buttery feeling. Contrary to the wobble situation, the switches only got smoother over time. I think this has something to do with the switches breaking in, similar to Novelkeys Creams. 


Overall, these switches are pretty great. I think at the price point they will be offered at, these are a steal. I do think that anyone planning on using these should get some switch films to mitigate the wobble issue, but other than that, these are some of the best switches I've ever used, and my favorite switches of the year so far. 

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