Memento Prototype Changelog

The prototyping phase for Memento has spanned over six months, and over five different prototypes. 

After our first round of prototypes, we ran a mini private group buy with some friends to solicit some feedback on the board, and the general consensus was that some quality improvements needed to be made. 

We spent around a months time refining and updating our supply chain, and working with our manufacturers to produce the final prototype, which is something we're proud to stand behind.

However, after the quality letdown with Vertigo, we want to be as transparent as possible. We've put together this page to address any of those concerns, and to demonstrate the many improvements from the initial prototype to the final production sample. 

Here is the list of changes between the prototypes:

  • Improved quality of machining (smooth transitions between chamfers and fillets)
  • Changed sandblast grit for smoother anodization
  • Improved quality of anodization (eliminated streaking/small specks)
  • Cleaner screw threads
  • More precise tolerances
  • Brass PVD --> Stainless Steel PVD
  • Electroplating process before PVD coating is applied for brighter and greater breadth of colors
  • More durable protective coating on PVD parts

For all of the below images, parts from the old prototype are on the left, and the final prototype is on the right. 

In all the below photos, the old prototype is on the left and the final prototype is on the right. Please note that all images are taken under a macro lens, and that any minor defects are exacerbated in these images.

We're super happy with the final product here, and we hope that you all will support us on December 11th during the preorder. Click here for more information.